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Near2 lets consumers discover more based on time and place - where they are, when they are there.


As a location on the Near2 Network, you can schedule, update and control content you'd like consumers to see and receive. Today's specials.  Information about a new exhibit. The artist performing this weekend.


With Near2, the content is controlled by you - not some faceless review or algorithm.  It's your opportunity to share information that will be most relevant to the people walking by your restaurant, storefront, or visiting your museum.

Don't just drive more traffic;  engage and excite new and existing customers by delivering timely information directly to the palm of their hand.

Near2 for Consumers

Making a decision about where to go or what to do can be daunting when you have to look at each option separately or rely on reviews by strangers. Near2 changes that.


By delivering information to your phone filtered by time and location, Near2 allows you to see information that is relevant to you right now. The partners on the Near2 Network share content that is up-to-date when you want to see (or receive) it - daily specials, upcoming performances, additional information about an exhibit, altered hours.


​The best part: You control how much you want to see and receive. Near2 doesn't share your personal data – we don’t keep it for ourselves or give it to our partners. We want to help you explore what's around, with the information you need to do that seamlessly. It's that simple.


Get on the Near2 Network

Tired of consumers making decisions – what to do, where to eat/shop/get services – based on reviews? Or big marketing budgets producing one-sided search engine results? 


If so, Near2 is for you. 


With the Near2 app, search is simply about time and place: You control what you want users to see and when. And the more you update with relevant information, the more likely you will be seen. But don’t worry: We make it easy to schedule your information, or make a quick change, for example, if the weather has taken a turn and you want to promote ice cream or hot chocolate? Simply make a quick change to share – and promote – it on Near2!  If you have product(s) you want to move quickly, let users who are nearby know. 


We have multiple subscription levels to help you connect with users and partners seamlessly and respectfully, when it matters most: When they are looking for it. Near2 is all about giving local businesses a voice, and consumers information to make the best choice. It’s the app for Main Street. 

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  • Single Location Card includes Image, Phone, Address, Website

  • Single User login with access to Near2 CMS to manage content


  • Single Location Card includes Image, Phone, Address, Website

  • MULTI User login with access to Near2 CMS to manage content

  • Ability to schedule content changes including images

  • Basic Analytics


  • Single Location Card includes Image, Phone, Address, Website

  • MULTI User login with access to Near2 CMS to manage content

  • Ability to schedule content changes including images

  • Advanced Analytics 

  • Push and schedule local notifications

Have more than one location or not sure which subscription is right for you?  Click the button below and answer a few questions and we'll give you some additional options!


Become a Near2 Partner

We want to connect....

At its core, Near2 is a bridge builder. We know digital information is out there, and consumers want to find it - but the ways to access it haven’t been easy. For most people, making a decision about where to eat requires multiple searches and multiple browsers.  We knew there was a better, more seamless way to connect people to the information they seek. So, we built Near2. We like to think of it as a series of interstates and bridges that connect consumers to where they are physically with information that is relevant in that moment.

If you have a location you’d like on the Near2 network, we'd love to chat.  Contact us at partners@near2.co.

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